Frequently Asked Questions


Why should Independent Placements represent me?

We work closely with a network of schools and are able to establish a stronger connection for your application. We offer you a clear and streamlined online process that can be accessed 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Our team truly wants to understand your needs and therefore will help you find a school that is aligned with your goals and credentials.

What type of candidates do you represent?

We represent candidates from all backgrounds and professional experience. Our candidate pool ranges from recent graduates to seasoned professionals. We find placements for educators seeking work as teachers and administrators.

Will Independent Placements represent me if I submit my materials directly to the schools?

No, in order for us to represent your candidacy you must register with us first. If you submit materials to a school prior to your registration we cannot represent you.

What is the difference between independent, private and charter schools?

Everyone has a different preference regarding their work settings and professional goals. Though the connecting theme among all three schools is their ability to run their operation independently there are some differences.

Independent Schools
Independent schools are nonprofit organizations governed by a board of trustees and funded by tuition, endowment and annual giving. They are selective in their admission process and have a published policy of nondiscrimination in admissions and hiring. Some schools have a religious affiliation but are independent in operation and curriculum. Their curriculum include a strong academic core and a variety of sports, arts and other extracurricular activities. New York City hosts day schools in grades K-12, both in coed and single-sex settings. A teaching certification is not required to work in these settings, but are welcomed. (Source: The National Association of Independent Schools.)

Private Schools
Private schools include independent and parochial schools. Like independent schools, they are funded through tuition, endowments, annual giving and other fundraising initiatives. Private schools range in admissions selection criteria. There are single sexed and coeducational in setting and are not exclusive in religious demographics. A teaching certification is not required to work in these settings, but are welcomed.

Charter Schools
Charter Schools are public institutions. They are funded through some public funding, but the majority is obtained from private sources. Charter schools are are exempt from some public school education policies, and are independent in curriculum, pedagogy and operation. New York City host numerous charter schools across all boroughs. Each school runs their operation differently and have their own missions. They have schools that range in grades K-12, singled sexed as well as coeducational in setting. Some schools require a teaching certification to teach.

Do I need a license to teach at an independent, private or charter school?

No, independent, private and charter schools operation under their own regulations and governance. Though it is not required, it does not hurt to have a state license as it provides an additional layer of professional and contextual assurance on your candidacy. If you are licensed, please make sure to list it on your resume and be prepared to provide evidence during your school interview if they request confirmation.

Am I considered a candidate if I have materials missing?

No, you are considered a candidate when all materials have been submitted.

Will my interview be conducted in person?

We conduct a variation of in person and over the phone interviews. During our College visits and conference recruitment we schedule time to speak with candidates in person. Any other time we conduct interviews via phone.

What happens if I am not offered a position?

At times candidates might end up without a position for the school year. If this is the case your profile will remain active until you are matched with a school.
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